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There is no magic bullet against infidelity. But there is one against lies. mSpy, the best cell cheating spouse spyware around, will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! If your loved one has got a cheating gene, you'll find out.

  • Call history
  • SMS messages
  • GPS location
  • Browsing history
  • Photos & Videos
  • WhatsApp & Skype
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Check mSpy Major Features

Check Calls and Text Messages

Need to spy on call history of your loved one? Who called who? When? You'll find out with our mobile spyware. Suspect that signs of infidelity might be found in SMS text messages? Use mSpy to read every word of each SMS even after deletion.

Track GPS Location

If you have doubts about the whereabouts of your special someone, you can set our cell phone spy to track the GPS location of their phone. Your suspicions will be either confirmed or eliminated. This is a surefire way to catch a cheating spouse.

Monitor Internet Activities

Is your significant other savvy enough to delete their browsing history? mSpy allows you to keep tabs on all web activities of your spouse. Check all URL addresses visited for any infidelity signs. Don't forget that many affairs start online!

Remote Access

There is no need to get the physical access to your partner's phone after the installation. mSpy secretly records cell phone activities and delivers this data to a secure web account, where these reports can be viewed any time from any PC/smartphone.

Recording Surroundings

Need more proof that your mate has a string of rendezvous with his/her lover? Use the microphone surveillance feature offered by our cheating spouse spyware. Turn their phone into a bugging device and listen to the recordings remotely, at any time.

Access to Photos and Videos

Has your spouse been to Spain to spend a honeymoon of sorts with their lover while you were told it was just a week-long team-building trip? Reveal the truth by checking photos/videos stored on your spouse's phone. Multimedia files can speak louder than words.

Intercepting Instant Messages

Avoid guessing games! If your spouse has a tendency toward non-monogamy, you can reveal it by tracking their chats. Our cheating spouse spyware will let you track messages exchanged via Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Viber!


If you have exhausted all other means of catching your spouse, try Keylogger. This feature offered by our mobile spyware will give you a clue what your spouse is up to. You'll get their side to all conversations and see every keystroke they make on their phone.

Customer Testimonials


Hilda B.lawyer

"Your mobile spyware worked as advertized! The best way to catch your cheating spouse! I had the gut feeling something was wrong and detected some infidelity signs. But he kept on lying to me! mSpy helped me gather the evidence that made my husband admit his adultery."


Todd M.father

"Incredible cell phone spy app!! Got the snippet of information required to make my daughter finally realize that she was the dating the wrong guy. I've noticed signs of a cheating boyfriend, but without evidence she would have never believed me. Love is blind, you know."


David F.student

"I just wanted to say that your mobile spyware is awesome! I'd been tormented by the question “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?” for months. mSpy gave me the answers. Lots of cuties crossed his path every day outside of work, and he couldn't resist. It could've gone on much longer if not for mSpy."