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mSpy is 100% undetectable software designed to help you check the loyalty of your spouse and get rid of any doubts. You will finally get the evidence you need by secretly tracking their call history, text messages, photo&video galleries stored on their mobile device, web activities, and GPS locations. All the spy details about your spouse will be securely stored in your mSpy account and you will be able to view them from any web browser.

Spy on Calls and SMS

Every phone call and SMS message is logged by mSpy. Even if your spouse deletes the discreditable info from the phone, you'll still be able to view them. Moreover, this cheating spouse spyware allows you to view emails delivered to and from the target phone.

View Contact List

Look through every singly entry from your partner's phone book to find out if they are playing away from home. Does your special someone really have no secrets from you? Have the numbers of their exes been really deleted as you were told? You'll get to know.

Track GPS Location

Use this mobile spyware for tracking GPS location! You'll find out whether your special someone lies to you about their whereabouts or not. You'll get access to full details about the location history with all visited places shown on a convenient map.

Monitor Internet Activities

Check all URLs visited by using the target phone browser. Find out if your spouse has been browsing dating sites or has been flirting with someone on social networking websites. If there is anything suspicious, our cell phone spy app will let you know.

Remote Access

Spy on your spouse's cell phone remotely from any device with Internet access to check for any infidelity signs. Since our mobile spyware is 100% undetectable, your spouse won't find out about having this cell phone spy app installed on their handset.

Record Surroundings

Do you feel like your significant other has crossed legal line of faithfulness? Crossing into too flirty with the opposite sex all the time? Reveal the truth. Use our mobile spyware as a powerful bugging tool and listen to the phone surroundings remotely.

View Multimedia Files

Deception rarely comes to light…unless you search for the truth with the mSpy cheating spouse spyware. Check all photos/videos stored on the phone of your mate to see if they can give you a clue about any affairs on their side. Deleted images are logged too!

Track Instant Messengers

You can set this mobile spyware app to collect information about all Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and iMessage communication activities of your spouse. See their chat history to find out once and for all if your spouse is engaged in two-timing.

Track Keystrokes

Keylogger, a new super-cool feature of our mobile spyware, will provide you with a secret little window into your mate's mobile life. It will secretly record every keystroke made on the phone, including search phrases, sent emails, instant messages, and logins.

View/Block Applications

Too many red flags? See the list of apps used on the phone. If your spouse is a serial cheater obsessed with sex, you might come across something pervert-like (f.eg. “Sex Position Game). If you spot “innocent” porn apps that make you cringe, block them with mSpy.