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Your software helped me catch my husband at several things. Now I'm exiting a potentially dangerous relationship since I've discovered he was obsessed with child porn.

Amanda G.

This is exactly the tool I was looking for! Now I'm 100% confident that my girlfriend wasn't cheating on me. Thank you for saving our relationship.


mSpy provided me with all the information needed to put an end to this wrong marriage. I can finally breathe and smile again

Robin M.

I was so frustrated when I was suspecting my wife of having an affair. I'm so grateful that I bought mSpy that helped me quickly and discreetly get the answers I needed. My wife can no longer deny her cheating and I will be able to move on with my life.

Charlie T.

My husband was a pro at the cheating game for 5 years and I played the stupid one until I started to see the obvious signs of his infidelity. And then I came across your fantastic cell phone tracking tool and soon found out who his secret “mistress” was. I'm glad it's all over now.

Monica B.

I decided to try your cell phone tracking app after noticing a change in my boyfriend's behavior. Although he told me he was not seeing anyone outside of our relationship, mSpy caught him on two occasions with the woman he has been seeing. Once confronted with the evidence, my boyfriend has finally stopped seeing her and I believe he really wants to improve our relationship.

Selma F.

Although it was a painful decision for me to start spying on my partner, I don't regret using mSpy. I got the verification of all my suspicions in two days of using this incredible tool!

Sally N.

Your product really shines! I knew she was lying to me but couldn't get the evidence. It has taken me only 5 days of using mSpy to gather the proof! She thought I wouldn't find out anything if she keeps deleting her messages to her lover, but no, no such luck! mSpy captured even deleted SMS messages.

Robert M.

The power of this awesome application can't be overstated as it brings the evidence impossible to deny. And it's really 100% undetectable!


Your software worked as advertized! In fact, I found out my husband had been cheating on me for several years. I've repeatedly asked him about some of his suspicious behavior that made me have the gut feeling something was wrong and he kept on lying to me. It's all over now. mSpy helped me gather the evidence that made my husband admit his adultery.

Olivia D

I just wanted to say that your product is fantastic! With the help of mSpy, I have been able to get the proof that my girlfriend was not as honest with me as I used to think. It could've gone on much longer if not for your product. Thanks again!


Incredible software!! Got the snippet of information required to make my daughter finally realize that she was the dating the wrong guy.

Todd M